People vs Profit Podcast

Is career transition support part of your business plan? 

If it’s not already, it should be – not only does it help protect your brand’s reputation when you have to make hard decisions like letting people go, it shows all your staff that you care by helping them – or their co-workers – transition to a new job or career. 

Now, more than ever, businesses have made some hard decisions to make.  

But through it all, you can stay human.  

We are introducing the People vs Profit podcast!  

Episode One: Jane Kennelly and Shannon Barlow on Putting Your People First as A Business Investment 

Listen now to hear our host Andrew Dickens chat to our General Manager Jane Kennelly and Frog Recruitment’s Shannon Barlow about Putting Your People First as A Business Investment and the best things employers and managers can do to help ease the impact of redundancy on their people. 

Episode Two: Kirsten Nicholl On The Delicate Balance: Can Outplacement Ever Work In Favour Of The Employer?

Listen now to hear our host Andrew Dickens chat to Kirsten Nicholl, a Coach and Facilitator at CDL Insight Consulting, on the delicate balance of outplacement for businesses – and how she coaches individuals who’ve been made redundant move forward in a positive way.

Episode Three: Jonathan Rogers on Making Hard Decisions Kindly in a Post-Covid New Zealand

Listen now to hear our host Andrew Dickens chat to Jonathan Rogers from CDL Insight Consulting, where they talk about making hard decisions kindly in a post-covid world. As well as hearing Jonathan’s personal experience with being made redundant and the benefit he gained from his own outplacement support.