Tips and advice for getting through COVID-19

Right now, everyone in New Zealand is going through a challenging time as we adjust to the changes in our lives. It has never been more important to look at our health and wellbeing inside and outside the workplace – particularly as we adjust to working from home and being removed from our social and workplace networks.

We have partnered with Instep – Leading providers of workplace EAP services to provide tips useful information on how to work from home well, stay connected and how to ask for help if they need it.

Working form home during COVID-19

While we tackle COVID-19 on a global scale, working from home is extremely helpful, but can also present some challenges. Our partners at Instep provided some great advice on working from home. READ MORE

COVID-19 & Tips for coping with uncertainty

Wishing you knew what to do in the face of COVID-19? You’re not alone? It’s a challenge facing for everyone in New Zealand. Click the link below for tips and advice to help you get through. READ MORE

Guidance for leaders during COVID-19

COVID-19 makes leading a team challenging. As a leader, your job is to keep the business moving – but your team’s physical and mental health should be your first priority. We’ve pulled together some useful guidelines for you to help you navigate your team through the current climate. READ MORE

Managing a team while working from home

Dealing with COVID-19 is new territory for us all, especially now that the NZ government has instructed non-essential workers, to work from home. For many people though, working from home is a whole new experience. So how, as a manager, can you keep your people engaged, connected and productive during this time? Here are some tips from our partners at Instep. READ MORE